A fundraising campaign that lends a hand

Raising funds is not an easy task and is one that needs to be handled very delicately. People are asked for money on a daily basis, be it at the grocery store, online, by text message, by mail, at the office and even at traffic lights! Not asking for support in the proper way penalizes greatly the efforts deployed in soliciting potential contributors. The experience of our sales team will allow you to get the maximum out of your campaign.

Rather then just straight out asking for money in the name of an organization, it is vitally important to offer added value in return for contributors hard earned dollars.

We have just what you need to distinguish yourself from your competition and surpass any of your fundraising goals.

  • We have a product that is chock-full of value, unique, and versatile
  • We are linked to an amazing cause – Centraide
  • We offer a high profit margin
  • We offer the simplest turnkey solution available
  • We offer a wealth of experience to help you with your campaign
  • Our product is not available at the retail level and has no equal
  • No minimum order
  • We take back unsold merchandise


Your school or organization can use our candles to raise funds for any occasion, event, trip, playground or sports equipment or for any other imaginable goal while breaking the cycle of poverty and social exclusion. Lumiflo has partnered up with Centraide in order to bring you one of fundraising’s most unique, profitable and heart warming money making levers!

The Product

Introducing Lumiflo our unique and highly versatile floating candle proposed as a fundraising product that helps our communities to overcome poverty and social exclusion while allowing you and your organization to reach your most lofty fundraising goals.


Our candles can be used in a multitude of ways, from a household utility right up to an artsy crafty activity for a rainy day!

Home Utility, Recreational vehicles, cottage, ETC

Imagine 750 hours of candle light packed into a box smaller than a hockey puck! Fitting conveniently into your kitchen drawer or in that basket on your kitchen counter, you’ll never be left in the dark again!


Safest candles available! Vegetable oil is not technically flammable. The ignition point for most types of vegetable oil is about 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315 Celsius).

Feel good fundraising

Lumiflo is proud to get involved with Centraide.

We invite you to join us in supporting this great cause while meeting your own fundraising objectives.

For each box of candles sold,
Lumiflo will give back in the name of your organization $1 to Centraide.

By collaborating with us, you will contribute in lending a compassionate hand and lifting the burden of poverty and social exclusion.

Join us now. Let’s all lend a hand.
info@lumiflo.ca • Tel. 1 888 907-9079

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Get Creative

Have fun coming upon with creative candle designs where your only limit is your imagination! Great activity with your children on a rainy day. Create candles to decorate the house or create the perfect table center piece. Make candles for any of the holidays or family events. Decorate your candles with glass nuggets, river stones, seashells, crystals and complete your masterpiece with your choice of colored water.